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Micro Separators are designed to effectively remove as well as prevent contamination in fuel that is because of harmful bacterial growth. Working as an environment friendly option, the system supports removal of up to 99.5% of water and helps in maintaining the up-time of the machines.


Micro Separator Fuel Coalescer - MFC

Micro Separator Fuel Coalescer - MFC
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Micro Separator Fuel Coalescer works as pollution, contamination and water separator and come with new EN-590 and FAME standards that allows segregation of diesel fuel from the contaminants. The fuel become the breeding ground for yeast, molds, bacteria, microbes and can be very damaging for rail engines that are sensitive to this type of contamination.

Helps in removing contaminants like:
Model Specifications:
Model Connection
(ltr/hr.) optimal
flow - max. flow
MFC-50 1/4" 50-100 Ø80x150 1,2
MFC-110 1/2" 110-750 Ø75x300 2,1
MFC-750 3/4" 750-2700 Ø135x410 7
MFC-1900 1 1900-3600 Ø135x590 10,3
MFC-5600 5600-9000 Ø195x850 27,25
MFC-9000 2" 9000-12.500 Ø195x1600 35

Micro Separator Fuel Stabilizer - MFS

Micro Separator Fuel Stabilizer - MFS
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Micro Separator Fuel Stabilizers are designed to safeguard from possibilities of growth of bacteria in fuel systems. The working of system involves exposure of bacteria to control magnetic field that supports the changing of positive & negative electrical charges on bacteria to neutral, thus stopping their further growth and possibility of fuel contamination.

The action of these stabilizers acts as a barrier for reproduction process and supports micro separator fuel coalescer in efficient separation of contamination. For efficient usage, these can be installed in common rail fuel system that ensures returned fuel to engines is sterile. Further, it also supports the demands of stabilizing the untreated fuel.

The system supports the needs of protecting fuel & filter from -
Model Connection Flow/hour Dimensions Weight (KG)
MFS-110G 3/8" 110 Ltr 90x90x20 mm 0,7
MFS-750 G 1/2" 750 Ltr 100x100x35 mm 1,25
MFS-1900 G 3/4" 1900 Ltr 120x120x50 mm 4
MFS-5600 G 1.5" 5600 Ltr 230x230x90 mm 5

Tank Cleaning Unit - TCU

Tank Cleaning Unit - TCU
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Tank Cleaning Unit - TCU comes with fully PLC controlled and monitored operations that provide them valuable support in cleaning of fuel 24/7, thus ensuring expensive stored fuel is fit for consumption.



These are available in different model options including -
Model Capacity (1000 ltr / Hr.) Weight (Kg.)
TCU-50 50,000 Ltrs. 65
TCU-50E 50,000 Ltrs. 75
TCU-50E+ 50,000 Ltrs. 77
TCU-100 1,00,000 Ltrs. 85


Mobile Tank Unit - MTU
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Mobile Tank Unit - MTU

Mobile Tank Cleaning Unit (MTU-1000E) comes with new EN-590 as well as fame standards for meeting the cleaning needs of diesel fuel. As with time, the fuel becomes contaminated with microbes, bacteria, yeast and molds, these can damage the rail engines that are sensitive to these types of pollutants.

Purpose of MTU - With fuel getting contaminated with presence of bacterial growth, debris and water, these mobile tanks cleaning units works as efficient unit for removal of pollutants and contamination from fuel tanks. It also helps in saving time and money as these do not require discharging of fuel or removal of fuel tank. Providing working as a stand-alone system, it can also be easily moved from machine for handling the involved cleaning process.

The MTU are offered by us in following options:
MFC-750 Working as pollution, contamination and water separator
MFS-750 Working as magnetic stabilizer for bacterial control
3. 10 or 5 Micron spin-on filter For filtering the finest debris

Installation: Operating Procedures: Benefits:
MTU-1000E helps in separating following contaminants from fuel:
Technical Specifications:
Flow/H 1000 Ltr/H
Connections Quick release & anti-spill quick release
couplings 3/4"
Hose Heavy duty & fuel resistant hose
coming in standard length of 3 meters/greater lengths
can also be offered on request
Frame Heavy duty industrial powder coat finish mounted on air filled tyres
Dimensions L X W X H - 60 x 50 x 100 cm (excl. handlebars)
Weight 70 Kg
Suction & return pipe 20 mm seamless & galvanized pipe with anti-spill coupling support
Replacement filters 10/ 5 Microns filters (with support of filter load gauge & internal by-pass valve)
Electrical voltage 110 or 230 Volts
Electrical power 750 Watts
Control Electrical monitoring of dirt compartment

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